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The Coach House Cafe

On the East side of Scotland there is the gorgeous place called Loch Lomond. If you have read one of my previous posts about Bobby’s Lounge then you would have heard all about my love for this stunningly beautiful place already. The tourists who are attracted to this area can range from young families to the elderly coach trips. A little village called Luss is one of the most visited places,especially for walkers with some lovely cosy coffee shops and restaurants. The Coach House Coffee shop is only something I discovered last year because it isn’t on the main street but no doubt it was advertised this year when I visited.

What looks like a little cottage from the outside transforms into a large cafĂ© with a farm house feel. With an inside sitting area next to the counter that displays a range of cakes, a conservatory area for the spring time and even a large garden patio area, there is plenty of space. It was another glorious day up in Scotland, so we decided to sit outside in the gar…

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